attackofdcowards replied to your photo: feeling so productive today! i promised Mom that i…

but all I can see is that cup noodles ahha >:D lol.. omg… ughh i wanna live there~ ahha

LOL I actually have a mini grocery in my room :)) they are my life savior whenever I have my marathon XD I can stay in my room for 2 days straight except if I need to go to the bathroom ^^;

  1. attackofdcowards said: haha~ Me so jelly :DD like never going out and just living inside a cave. it must be great having those entire treasure just within reach :) kekeke~ i can see a lot of BB merch :D kya~ ilan e20’s m? dlwa? o Jap un isa?
  2. trybreakingdawn said: i just have to like this convo! :)
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