GD in LA for “personal time”

According to what I’ve read the door is locked so GD signaled the driver to open it lol (1st picture)

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I am silently keeping tracks of what it is happening to Sewol tragedy and it just warms my heart knowing that almost all KPOP fandoms are sending reliefs towards the family and friends of the victims who are still waiting and hoping for a good news.

This only shows that fangirls/boys are not the shallow people that some people labeled us. We are not only screaming in concerts, we are not only creating mob at the airports, we are not only crazy by spending our time for them. It is also about giving LOVE and RESPECT for those who needs it. And I hope we can continue doing that instead of fanwars for who is better and sending hates.

I also would like to give my respect to EXO-M because I just saw their pictures from the airport and they wore all black and without any blings. And to GD even though he wore a colorful jacket he still shows his sadness. Thank you for letting the world know that KPOP is not just pretty faces and hard abs. Let’s pray for a miracle. Stay strong and don’t lose hope.

Artist: G-Dragon Ft. Teddy & CL
Title: The Leaders (Official Instrumental)
Album: Heartbreaker
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G-Dragon Ft. Teddy & CL - The Leaders [Official Instrumental]

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Artist: G-Dragon
Title: She's Gone (Official Instrumental)
Album: Heartbreaker
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G-Dragon - Heartbreaker [Official Instrumental]

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Artist: Daesung
Title: 웃어본다 (Official Instrumental)
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Daesung - Try Smiling [Official Instrumental]

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Artist: Daesung
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Daesung - Cotton Candy [Official Instrumental]

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Anonymous: why don't you try to like other groups maybe it can help you move on :)

I’d rather leave the entire fangirling life than love anyone more than Bigbang :)

These boys really is in different level for me. I tried fangirling over Mblaq, Cn Blue, Shinhwa, EXO and Beast but no one can hold my interest like Bigbang.

They are the only one I can hate & love at the same time. It is like hating them a few seconds ago but with just one video (even a 15 secs cf) made me realized how much I love them haha

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BBVIPChannel is recruiting translators!


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We have a bunch of Seungri and Daesung Japanese videos that are needed to be done. Most of our Japanese translators are busy with work so the videos that they’re assigned to do are on hold.


Korean translators? You are welcome to apply and help us as well since we do have Korean videos to work on.


Please do help spread the word out. Thank you!

Please help if you can! :)

Title: Sunset Glow (Official Instrumental)
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Bigbang - Sunset Glow [Official Instrumental]

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Bigbang - Wonderful [Official Instrumental]

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Title: What Is Right (Official Instrumental)
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Bigbang - What is Right [Official Instrumental]

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G-Dragon and TOP Ft. Park Bom - We Belong Together [Official Instrumental]

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Bigbang - Hands Up [Official Instrumental]

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Last month was my blog’s 1 year anniversary. And also for my celebration of reaching 6k followers, I make my second follow forever! Those are my friends and people you must follow below!! Thank you for making such an awesome blog and making my day wonderful

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Anonymous: Hi.. So i tried opening your videos yet accdg to vimeo, the password isn't right. I'm sorry to be bothering you with this. Hope you reply tho. thanks! :)

Hi, it is because I am moving all videos to my new blog. You may check them HERE.

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