Artist: 2NE1
Title: Comeback Home [Official Acapella]
Album: Crush
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2NE1 - Comeback Home [Official Acapella]

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Photo copied Bigbang.

Taeyang’s new dog.


Bigbang - Ringa Linga


When GD called Seungri “Oppa!”

Bigbang just being Bigbang.

Members handsomely going to stage then there is their leader skipping happily.


GD discovered something and it is the seat belt that looks like a phone -_-

Anonymous: Hi! I'm girl V.I.P, thank you for BIGBANG songs instrumental and acapella, their voices are beautiful ! I like very much the album 2NE1 'Crush' and I would want to know when you the upload here ? FIGHTING ❤️

You’re welcome!

I am still waiting for my friend to send it to me and it will be posted once I have it. Just be patient :)

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Anonymous: hello! where did you get big bang dvd dome tour???

I bought the DVD :)

If you haven’t bought it yet then YOU MUST! Haha every frame from this dvd is worth gif-ing lol it is so interesting.

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When everyone is tired from rehearsing the whole day until midnight. There is Dae being the happy pill and trying to cheer up everyone at 2 in the morning.

Kang Daesexysung.